Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parenting Trophies

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   Last I checked, there are NO parenting trophies to be won. Generally, I would encourage anyone who wakes up and finds dependant children in their house day after day to have some semblance of pride in their role of provider, nuturer and protector. But boundaries, man....... There's got to be some boundaries.
   The most recent craze since what I like to refer to as the "pet psychosis" epidemic is the overadvertisement by many people that they are parents. It's almost as though these people had kids for no other reason than to draw attention to themselves. I'll be honest - I had kids for the eventual free labor. So goes the cycle of life. If you don't like it, fire your children. But I digress.... When you are referring you yourself as "mommy" or "daddy" and there isn't a child in sight - you are who I am talking about. Stop it. Just stop. How self centered are you that you need even semi-constant recognition for being a parent? "Mommy" and "daddy" posts on Facebook, the formation of "mommy clubs" and those oh-so-annoying family drawing stickers on minivans and SUVs everywhere is getting out of control. Our parents raised us for the most part without soliciting attention for doing so. They did not gloat amongst themselves as to what proud mommies and daddies they are. They did their jobs, many of them stoically in hopes they did it right. They didn't need the approval of their peers for the simple fact that they gave birth to you. Parenting is a noble job. There's nothing noble about using your kids as tools to feed your narcissism.
  Parenting isn't something you do for self-glorification, nitwits. You aren't the first person to pound out some little spore and successfully keep it from dying. Besides, if you're that desperate for validation that you need to point out that you're a "mommmy" or "daddy", you should probably ask yourself - "How inane is my existence?"

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