Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SPLC Challenging Doma

The Southern Poverty Law Center just announced the filing of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the cynically named Defense of Marriage Act and the law governing how the Department of Veterans Affairs deals with gay spouses.

 “This discriminatory policy devalues the military service of countless Americans, solely on the basis of their sexual orientation,” said Randall R. Lee, co-counsel in the case and partner-in-charge of WilmerHale’s Los Angeles office, which is working with the SPLC on a pro bono basis. “It sends a disturbing message to gay and lesbian service members that the courage, commitment, and sacrifice they make on behalf of their country are not valued as much as the service of heterosexual military veterans.”
SLDN's statement on the suit:
"SLDN welcomes today's filing by the Southern Poverty Law Center and looks forward to coordinating in any way they deem appropriate.  We have worked with the plaintiff, Tracey Cooper-Harris, in the past, and we believe the merits of her case are compelling.  This filing today advances the cause of equality for gay and lesbian service members and veterans."

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