Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Saddest Story You'll See All Day

Condo board inacts breed ban that includes pit bulls. Not unusual. Breed bans don't work but idiots think they do and idiots like to feel safe. So breed bans are as common as idiots. Moving on.... Nick Santino, a struggling soap actor, lived in said condo with Rocco, a pit bull mix he rescued, though according to Nick, Rocco rescued him. The condo board grandfathered Rocco and he was allowed to stay. But that didn't stop Nick's shitty neighbors and the board from constantly harassing Nick about his dog. Eventually, the struggling actor felt he had no choice but to put Rocco down. A few hours later, racked with guilt over betraying his best friend, Nick took his own life.
Good job you bastards. Hope your breed ban makes you feel all warm and fuzzy at night.

Side note: I've been a service tech for 8 years. I go into random people's houses and fix shit. I go into random yards when the home-owner's not home to fix shit. I meet dogs every day. Some are friendly, some are not. Many are pit bulls. I've been bitten by dogs exactly twice. The offenders? Not pit bulls. One Pekenese. One Jack Russell Terrier. Granted, I'm not a fucking idiot and dogs don't usually see me as a threat.

Presa Canario
You're statistically more likely to be bitten by a poodle or Jack Russel. That being said, I realize a pit bull or rottie is going to cause a lot more harm if it does bite. This is the faulty logic behind such breed bans. Why is it faulty? Take Prince George's County, MD. The county banned pit bulls awhile back. Now anyone who wants a fighting dog to compensate for what, I don't know, owns a Presa Canarios instead of a pit. Different breed and different class of dog, looks like a pit bull on steroids. Average weight of an adult male pit bull, 60lbs. Average weight of an adult male Presa Canario, 140lbs. Good thing they got that breed ban. Presas were unheard of in this country until a couple white supremacists made a name for the breed in San Francisco in 2001. Then there's this, my neighbor has a pit bull and a Presa Canario. He leaves both outside all day and night. Doesn't matter if it's 110 degrees or 20 degrees, the dogs are outside with no shelter. This is, by definition, animal cruelty. Now if there weren't a breed ban, I could do something about it. I could call the humane society or animal control. But because of the ban, if I were to call animal control; they would simply euthanise the pit bull. It's heart wrenching. I don't honestly know what is the right thing to do in this situation.

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